Rising Again on Easter

Finally getting into the drivers seat and not just behind the wheel of the car. Maybe Easter helped, or maybe the drive with just Josephine Goveas and Aiden helped. Or maybe Keya’s prayers helped or maybe one good go ahead from Sajedah did.
A great Easter meal with family today prepared by Moline DSouza and some very interesting conversations with Archibald S D Souza Clement Dsouza Hilda Fernandes Dsouza and Frizell. Missed Dr Frana D’souza.

The drive back too was fun because we literally sang out loud all the songs Aiden, mum and I while realising that we are now a little more independent and can escape to beaches whenever we felt like it! Woohoo!

Ended day with a good holiday planning call with Nikita Crasta – I am more excited about your holiday than you are Niki! Cannot wait! Come soon!

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