Easter Vigil, those that matter, exams and good food

Renewing baptism vows today while listening to the Archbishop of Bombay online felt rather normal this year as compared to last.
Infact it felt convenient, one could concentrate on prayer with only people that mattered for company.

Bringing me to the realisation that the people who really mattered are those who stay in touch, through thick and thin and even through a pandemic. Must be grateful for those whose presence despite the distance was cathartic, and comforting despite the uncertain times that we are all in. While Meera Warrier continues to tell me to go with the flow which is rather difficult for me, Noella Goveas tells me to follow my gut but plan logically for what follows when I do that. Sounds like a plan sisters.

Also a lovely day for Manu today as he debuts as a director for 🙂 Kuruthi Movie, congratulations!

First day of Std 3 exams. We did well. Next week will be all about exams 😬 why do I even stress when Aiden is all set to do well? Because I am a over anxious, slightly crazy and restless parent as described aptly by Saroja Shankaran

Also a good food day by Josephine Goveas – kori rotty – my favourite after eating chicken curries which barely tingled my taste buds last month except for the mind blowing cafreal by Santa Rita Fast Food, Mummy’s chicken curry BLEW my senses out of a stupor!

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