Finding what moves me

Continuing to find what moves me. I know what it is but the constant reminder that you are a sole provider can be daunting when you want to follow your heart – trying to move towards what you actually want to do. Oscillating between the heart and mind every single day ain’t easy. But must be grateful for Meera Warrier who always listens and tells what I need to hear, as it is. I love you Meeray!

So on Good Friday I asked Him to lead me to where I should go, in addition to the strength and resilience I pray for every year.I really need it.

Also a big milestone day for Aiden – who could hold a video conversation with Noella Goveas and KOGF. I was pleasantly surprised (even though I prodded him like the pushy mom I am) but very proud of how far this boy has come from where he was a year back. He answered questions, spoke in sentences and asked questions. BIG win and fun conversation. “Do you like to dance?” “No way!”

Back to cooking today, made butter paneer recipe by Roxanne Bamboat. You must check out her YouTube channel for the yummiest recipes around.
Pic: Trees from Antoinella

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