H – Happiness in the little things

It takes very little for me to be happy. And in the lockdown days you notice even the littlest things make you happy.


My 5 happy times thus far this lockdown:

  1. The fact that i did not repeat a dish to feed my 7 year old and he didn’t complain because every meal was new
  2. The day got fish! I got fish after a month of trying to order and cajole my fisherwoman to get me some
  3. The day my order of mangoes came – right from Ratnagiri
  4. The day I was able to send 200 bags of food to Kamathipura with a LOT of help from friends
  5. The day my son thought he should let me sleep in because he has seen me work triply hard than the non lockdown days

What are your happy moments in the lockdown?

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