G – Gratitude

Being grateful doesn’t come easy to most humans – complaining comes fast and easy. It’s easier to compare our lives with those better placed than us – or so we think.

Gratitude for everything

And in times of troubles like those we are now, adopting a sense of gratitude isn’t easy. But with a bit of practice this is something we all can do – no matter who we are.

We need to get up each morning remembering three things we are grateful for. And if you have nothing you can think of here are three:

1. You woke up breathing 2. You had a good nights sleep 3. You have fresh air to breathe in your lungs

During the lockdown you tend to be grateful for a lot of things you took for granted. Be it a person who keeps you sane during these times, technology to connect with others so you can get your essentials, a safe place to live in, good friends to keep you company, neighbours who care for you – amongst several other things.

What are some of the things that you are grateful for?

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  1. Such a beautiful write–up. I am a travel blogger from India. Please give my blog a read too.

    1. Thank you – sure will give it a read

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