F – Friends and Family

They say in the worst of times you know who your real friends are. And if you have family like friends and friends like family you are truly blessed.

In times of isolation you really can identify them – from a place where to meet new faces everyday in a normal everyday world to a Covid world where you are staying home 24×7 – you can literally count your friends on your fingers.

You’d be lucky to have 10 good friends who keep you company and check on you. These are the ones who you have endless phone calls and video calls with, who pick up and extra slab of butter or mushrooms for you, who you tell about small cooking victories and frustrations, who you rather go for a drink but cannot because of situations but promise to see that it happens when the bad times end. There are those who wish stayed closer because then you could swap food and stories with.

You also discover you have family who you never stayed in touch with but call to check if you are doing fine. You caution them to not go out because they are older, send them medicines and meat delivery numbers so they don’t have to step out and call them first to tell them of you heat good or bad news.

But most important family and friend that you connect with unwittingly and without a doubt is yourself. You become your best judge, friend, for and family. You realise you had so much potential and strength you never knew you had when you depended on everyone and when everything was at your beck and call. You realise your resourcefulness and hidden talents and mind you – you will come of this stronger and more sure of what you are capable of!

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