D – Dance

With my favourite dance partner

This year I promised myself I would dance a lot more till coronavirus threw a spanner in the works..

My love for dancing and my earliest memories of dance was when I danced with my Papa – when I was barely four years old. He would carry me and dance the waltz

I never really danced much through my life except for a few stage programmes in school.

When I met the love of my life and practiced dancing for my wedding that was when I realised why I loved to dance – it was because it made me happy and connected me back to my memory of dancing with my Papa.

I danced with Gavin at every opportunity I got and to this day I miss dancing with him because dancing with him is the only happy memory I have of my marriage with him.

Once divorced I kept looking for avenues to dance – dance classes for jive where I had to unlearn leading, dancing solo at home with my son who has two left feet by the way but excellent rhythm and finally lindy hop social where I danced to my heart’s content!

But what I cherish the most is dancing with my son – we started off with me carrying him and dancing much like Papa danced with me – probably someday he will find the joy you get when you dance like no one is watching and look back on the memory of dancing with his mum everytime he took a class to perfect the art of dancing or danced with his partner.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. subzeroricha says:

    This is first such a cute picture of you two! And second I love dancing too – some of my favourite movies are from times when I danced on stage. I always knew you and me soulmates, sister ❤

  2. Rekha says:

    Super cute and hot pic. The matter and the pic contest with each other for the first prize.
    I love the honesty with which u write

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