C – Cooking

I was supposed to write this blog yesterday but I had so much to catch up with… I just dropped off not writing and had little mind space to figure what to write about too!

So I got down to cooking today and that’s what I realised I could writing about. C for cooking!

These times of self isolation pushed me to my limits on everything including cooking. I surprise myself everyday because I remember recipes that are buried in my head, in my blog, ask people for new ones and plan to make others – making mental notes of what I can make next.

Cooking doesn’t seem like a chore strangely and of all the things I always wanted to do in my free time – I am doing this the most and reading comes a close next. I am also keeping a log of what I made during this lockdown – ranging from the traditional to the bizarre and completely new.

My mind block about cooking has finally come off and even though delivery services are on I find myself still cooking and eating healthier! It’s no wonder then I am 3 kilos lighter!

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