B – Breakfasts are important

In the rush to work everyday most of us skip breakfasts. I did that too. This year i made a resolution that come what may i will have a good breakfast before i leave for work or carry breakfast to to work.

Towards this resolution, I stocked up on cold meats, breads, ready to eat meals, wheat flour, eggs, oats, coriander… And this small change (of having a good breakfast everyday) made a world of a difference to me during these covid days.

I had all i needed to go to when there was a lockdown announced and most people went scrambling for breakfast items.

Here are some quick breakfast ideas that i recommend for your quarantine time (having spent close to 20 days indoors) – apart from depending on ready to eat meals and cold meats. One tends to lose touch with ‘breakfast-reality’ being indoors so long. So maybe my list will help. Breakfasts for the next seven days sorted!

  1. Overnight oats – oats, yogurt, milk, dates and honey. Mix all of this. Top with any fruit or dry fruit. Chill in the fridge. Eat next day.
  2. Chutney sandwiches – You need coconut and coriander with a dash of lime. Best between breads and with onion, tomatoes for company.
  3. Break pakoras – This is the jaldi (quick) version – old bread is best used this way. Dip bread in a mixture of besan, jeera, salt, haldi and chilli powder – fry on low flame with ghee.
  4. Vermicelli– Oil, add jeera, urad daal, kari patta, green chilli. Sauté. Add vermicelli. Add a little water. Cook at a low flame, with regular stirring. Serve hot.
  5. Pav: every once in a week when you do step out don’t forget to stock up on laadi pav. This is my favourite breakfast- with a generous helping of butter. Usually my Friday breakfast.
  6. Bhurji: Throw in some eggs and milk and whisk well to make a perfect scramble but if you want to up it to the level of a good bhurji – add onion, tomato, coriander and chillies. I eat it plain.
  7. Wheat pancakes: I usually use KOSH ata cause it has a good portion of oats in it. Mix it well with water, add some milk. Spread on a pan to cook – and eat with honey when warm.

There you go 7 breakfasts for 7 days. Now don’t go without having good one everyday – not knowing what to make can’t be an excuse anymore and all of the above doesn’t take a lot of time either. I should know.. I am the laziest breakfast maker you would have met!

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