A – Anxiety

It’s funny I should start a positive 25 day challenge with a one feeling that many of us are feeling these days.

Anxiety about the unknown and a future that is uncertain in these trying times.

An anxiety of being alone and not in touch with the world – a feeling of FOMO in more ways than one.

But would you probably consider this to be a positive feeling? Obviously not considering it to be a medical condition anxiety can sometimes be beneficial.

Anxiety helps me plan for uncertainty – especially in Covid times when you have to stock for yourself and your kid.

Anxiety helps me plan for trips – I always save a little extra, pack a little more snacks and take a few more underwear than needed.

Anxiety helps me work a little more in advance, plan and not leave stuff to the last minute and not lose my mind when everyone else is losing theirs.

It also helps me save a little more and spend a little less so that I am not left dipping into my savings on a rainy day.

So you see anxiety has its benefits. If you just know to channel it right, if you know just when you draw the line and allow it to get the better of you.

Using anxiety as a bridge to overcome future problems

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  1. This is an essential that has to be addressed. Kudos to you for voicing it

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