#Covid19 days and nights

Of all the various things that i documented on the blog, this time needs special mention. In a world that is constantly chasing dreams, running too fast, devastating everything along the way, Covid19 could be a breath of (fresh?) air to make us all slow down and savour the little things in life.

We stay indoors to not protect ourselves but our parents and elders who have probably fought battles for us.

But that is just one part – this social distancing.

What we do in the process of social distancing – has a lot of positives, if we take the time to see.

We see our children as they are when we go to work. We see what keeps them busy and what they love to do when you are away,

We see our parents more, instead of weekends. And weekend we have a lot of plans! Sometimes seeing them too on weekends become difficult.

We stave off eating food from restaurants – make the food we love at home. Eating healthy in these times becomes more important. But then you also try out that recipe you had bookmarked two years back to cook when you ‘had the time’.You

You pull out a book (or books in my case) that you wanted to read possibly post retirement. And guess what actually read them in the time you would have spent commuting.

The little projects that you had – to get rid of a few unessential items, to add a few touches to your home, to a few crannies of your home – all get done during this time.

You do not have to meet people you don’t like! And you give space to the people who love you to miss you enough. Lucky for us , technology allows us to stay in touch with them nonetheless

The technology you got for yourself and your home – the beautiful Bose speaker, the Netflix connection, the smart TV, Alexa Eco dot…..- ALL of this can be used effectively. You can actually enjoy the things you bought!

The hobbies you so lovingly kept aside for your old age – starting a kitchen garden, painting, knitting, sewing – are all the things you can connect with now in this age of social distancing.

Catching up on sleep. A lot of us are parents! Use this time to catch up on all the sleep you had lost when you had your bundle of joy!

And you can see the changes all around you…

The sky is bluer. Probably because the traffic is off the roads. Or maybe you actually took time to see it!

You hear birds that you didn’t know came to your window to sing because you were distracted by the latest gadget you brought.

You get your exercise from mopping the floor, washing your clothes and cleaning folding the laundry because both your maid and your gym is on Covid duty – self isolation.

Meetings that could be emails – are well – emails!

And meetings with people you have never seen at work – happen on video conferencing. And so much joy you find in seeing each other!

You cherish the things you took for granted like your freedom – to do whatever you like, whenever you wanted to and however you wanted to. You automatically become grateful for every little thing you didn’t know you were privileged to have.

You find a new normal in everything you do, eventually – just like every major change – that is always for the better.

You hope this ends and you can start over . Less rushed, less dismissing, more accommodating, more loving. As a better, kinder person.

To quote a poem for our times:

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  1. Christina says:

    May we be kinder! Amen!

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