Patterns and a mid-year post

I think i see a pattern in the way I blog. The first half of the year is super busy and mind boggling with the amount of chores that I have to get done – like providing your tax proofs to your company, getting your child settled in school (in my case homeschooling), then filing your taxes… and I invariably get sucked into the pettiness of life that I forget I must do something that fulfilled me too. This realisation usually dawns on me around this time when I am getting closer to my birthday and realise life is getting shorter and I must live for myself too. So I eventually end up writing a blog or two during this period- make some life changing plans, speak to my blogging pals and resolve to keep blogging… until the next year starts and the cycle repeats.

So now that I have finally got my self to write a blog I thought I should take time to list some of the marvellous things I did since the beginning of this year:

1. Top on the list is I trekked for 7 hours to Tigers Nest and back – unplanned after not having climbed half a mountain for 10 years. Those who have trekked to Tigers Nest will know what I mean.

2. My second achievement for the year has been one more trek – to Mawyrnkhang in Shillong. Also one where I thought I would die because I had already exhausted myself with Tigers Nest and I had no stamina left for another rigorous one. But I did it anyway. Talk about foolhardiness and stupidity. In retrospect though – good job Janice.

3. Learning to swim – I forgot all about this skill after I learnt it in school but I picked this up again because of my son. I don’t have many pics of me swimming but here is a a picture of the boy who challenged me into doing this.

4. Homeschooling Aiden began when my father prematurely called my mum back to Mangalore but what a blessing in disguise that was. Took a big load off me and I could teach Aiden the way I wanted! Hurrah for homeschooling!

5. This last one can’t be counted an as such but as a blessing. I think I found my clique of women (and some men) who would build me and my son. My own personal village that is helping me keep my sanity and raise this boy independently. This consists of Aiden’s school and teachers who teach him skills beyond the curricula, my group of friends who keep me sane, mums from my support group – Mums inspire who have embraced my son and me with all my flaws and needs and my househelps who keep me ticking. The picture is one of the many who I would use to represent my village.

So that kind of sums up the first half of my year – and as I step into my birthday month I wish I can say that I will break this pattern of not writing blogs till I ‘feel’ strongly about something. But I know me better – and I forgive myself already for being tardy. To more blogs in the future (fingers crossed). Hopefully.

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  1. Christina says:

    Yaaaaaah to all the achievements and yes the village of right type of women and men form the scaffolding to ones journey.

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