Looking for home-cooked food..at restaurants

Very few places when you eat out offer you food that tastes like it has been made at someone’s home. Commercially run establishments are very more rare when it comes to this quality. I am lucky i believe to attract some good food, and one of the places that serves this is at a place called Poornima, a quick walk away from office.

What do you get there? Food that deceptively looks at tastes as though it is made by a nice South Indian mom in her kitchen. For breakfast you can eat Mangalore buns (yes they make them there), golibaje besides the Mumbai regular staples or idli-sambar, wada-sambar, missal pav, etc. If you must go there for breakfast, you must most certainly have their very aromatic and very addictive filter coffee. Best i have ever tasted. My favourites to eat there are dahi bhaath, bisebele bhaath and chapati bhaji for lunch. Always, always ask for their fryum -like cute papads to go with your meal. These are the kinds your neighbours grandmother made and dried on the terrace in the hot sun and you stole to eat for lunch with your bland kanji. Also ask for their fried chillies, you will know what i mean when you eat them and you will bless me!

What is lovely is that it is a self-service restaurant, no frills, limited place to sit – a place where you sit, eat and go. They also deliver to offices, not sure if there are on Swiggy but i think they are far more popular than the restaurants on Swiggy.

If you must know their history, they were originally set up in Nariman Point and if it were for me i would only wish their tribe to increase. To other office localities, so people can get home cooked food from a restaurant, unlocking memories of their childhood and their mom’s cooking.

pic credit: Justdial.com

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