Refuse the straw: Bake House Cafe

It might seem to many that I hadn’t eaten in a while but just got too lazy to post and write long descriptions😜

A weekend ago I went to this lovely place called the Bake House Cafe. The place had a kind of a ‘forced’ vintage or retro look – I don’t know but a lot of brown and calligraphy was thrown in. I had these divine nachos with cheese and chicken and served slightly warm with corn. Omg best nachos in town, better than the Tex mex restaurants and what have you. Their hot chocolate was great too with a dollop of ice cream. BUT what really ticked me off was they use plastic straws even now and that was disappointing. I refused mine. Will you also refuse it when you go there? You will save a few sea creatures from dying. #refusethestraw #restaurantdesign #restaurantreview #nachos #snack #coffee #hotchocolate

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