When in doubt, bake bread!

Last weekend was dedicated to learning something new.

The French Batard

I always wanted to learn to make bread, had it in my yearly goals list for two years (which i, of course  procrastinated forever) and I learnt to make bread finally at the APB Cook Studio taught to us by the very effervescent Shekhar! The workshop was very aptly called PlayDough (what a lovely use of words!)

While the experience was totally engaging and the breads were perfect (recipes coming up soon once i try them at home myself), what was engrossing was the stories behind the breads and the science of baking all narrated to us by the very well informed and passionate Shekhar. My favourite bread? The French Brioche of course!

If you ever get to go to the APB cook studio, please do, to not only learn recipes and cooking but to know the how and why of  it all!

Enriched bread in braids and knots
Bread in braids and knots

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