Holiday post – Mangalore

Mangalore is home and whenever I am here my brains don’t function. It is so relaxing here and so silent, you really want to shut down. What I normally do when at home, is that I sleep, read and eat. Speaking of eating it actually took me to eat some amazing food today to wake me up from a stupor.

Since I was anyway looking for some good material to turn into a sensible blog here is a list of the food I ate today.

1. Puffed rice with masala and tomatoes with sugarcane juice to reduce the fire 🔥served at Pilikula Biological Park

2. Bhukhari khubsa imported recipes from friends in the Middle East – where half of Mangalore works. Better known as Arabic Biryani. Chicken roasted on coals served on a bed (literally) of lightly spiced rice rice served at Al Baikal at Moodbidri

3. The quintessential South Indian thali. No explanations for this one but just simple wholesome homecooked food served at Ballaal Hotel Moodbidri

4. Let me let you slurp and drool at the signature dessert of Mangalore – the Gadbad. First introduced by Ideal ice creams at Mangalore it is the city’s very own ‘falooda’ with a difference. Rich with dry fruits and other goodies this beauty is best experienced with eaten. Served at Ballaal Hotel, Moodbidri

5. Christmas kuswar. The best I have tasted this season. Neoris, rose cookies and kulkuls. Nothing makes Christmas more complete than these homemade goodies. Served at @jace_rg home by his mum – Jacinta. Food at Mangalore today.

What’s on your holiday menu this Christmas season? Post pics, make me drool!

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