Another day, another late blog post by the #lazyblogger: The Magnets


While I really want people to come to my blog, writing for getting those readers is such a pain! I always have excuses and this time it was too much, school exams and the latest – no network! But wait, to write a blog post you don’t need network. So here I was on my flight to Kathmandu writing a post about a fabulous performance I went to last month (yes it was THAT along back..oh wait it was in September that’s two months back) by the Magnets. No no not the chumbak wala Magnets but the singing rather acappella wala Magnets.

This was a on the spur of the moment decision and a sudden splurge but it came from a thought – why not spend on an experience every month instead of things? ( which brings me to think – what experience did I spend on last month…hmmm – oh ya I experienced the fear of Sr kg exams… for free). Ok now let me not divert!!

I went to the show at the NCPA Tata theatre one of my favourite places for everything related to performances – right from my favourite Tata Literature Live!   to the symphony orchestras. And was I captivated!


The Performance

The voices of the Magnets, singing by Natalie Di Luccio, the BEAT BOXING omg the beat boxing and the manner in which they performed without a break keeping the audiences enthralled – just took my breath away.

This is one of the few pure acappella performances that was close enough to my favourite acappella group – the Pentatonix – though I have never seen them perform live. In their show description the organisers mentioned they were like Penn Masala but not quite. They were far superior.

My Favourites

Needless to say I am ‘all about the bass and no treble’ to quote the very eloquent Megan Trainer. While the lead singers did their bit with their melodies, I was completely overawed by Beat Boxer who also went by the name… and the bass singer. I was left gasping for breath when I heard the Careless Whisper (formerly sung by George Micheal in his high pitched voice) completely remastered in this deep baritone. I think I now prefer the Magnets version of Careless Whisper to the original (sorry George – but atleast I don’t hate that song anymore).

Coming back to the Beatboxer – he was the STAR of the show for me. THE STAR. Because a) I love bass b) he was such an entertainer c) it felt like actually had a beat box in his throat some whee. You can listen to him here.

The whole group performed some new, some old, some peppy, some melancholy songs for the audience who even joined in by shining their mobile phone torch lights (yes that happened too) And when in Mumbai you have to a Hindi number. The Magnets along with Maria did two and got everyone’s feet tapping. You can listen to one here.


The Icing on the Cake

While the NCPA doesn’t allow to shoot or live telecast or tweet live performance, the Magnets encouraged everyone to do just that. Smart move since everything is digital and online now – they were just making sure that their next show is sold out. I suppose it was – cos I sent a few people myself! You can view some of the performances here. I hear these fantastic chaps are performing at the NH7 in Pune. Details here.

The Cherry on Top

How can I complete this post with a special mention of Natalie DiLuccio. The lady with a voice of an angel. She hit a lot of high notes during the performance by singing with the Magnets, performing a few numbers herself and the one which killed it all was her performance of her favourite Italian song. I felt I was in an Italian opera. One gentleman next to me said ‘This made my evening’


If you ever get to experience the Magnets, I can assure you that it is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. And if there is Natalie DiLuccio with them then it’s a must must go show.

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  1. Josephine Goveas says:

    While reading your blog I felt I was at NCPA watching the performance. Well written Janice and next time I will not miss the show.

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