Highway Gomantak: Fresh fish trail

Fresh fish can be bought from the market and made at home. And this happens every week at my place. But what if you are extra lazy on an extra long weekend? And what if your cooks are also in that ‘i don’t want to cook no-more’ mode?

So the lazy blogger made her way to one of the most iconic sea food restaurants – Highway Gomantak with her cook / son’s nanny this weekend and her son to eat some of the most lipsmacking fish ever tasted in a long time. Tucked away in the service road near Kalanagar, this place is easy to miss. Highway Gomantak is a basic family-run Goan seafood restaurant favoured by foodies, serving local thalis and masalas.

Ambiance: What you are greeted with is a simple row of chairs and tables made for family dining, no air conditioning and rows of people hungrily waiting for their fish thalis. No pretentious settings and greetings, just good food seemed to be the promise.

Service: Quick, to the point. No time wasted.  And polite. Always polite. We didn’t have to wait more than ten mins to get what we ordered. And not more than five to get an extra bowl of rice and curd.

Food: This was the best part.  We ordered two thalis. One tisrya masala thali – which had just enough rice for one person, two chapatis, solkadi, chutney, and additional curry and one pomfret curry thali – which pretty much had the same items in it. The good thing about this is the curry in which the tisrya (clams) were made were markedly different from the pomfret curry. This isn’t the case in most seafood restaurants – even the larger ones i have visited. The pomfret curry had a distinct ‘tanginess’ which is different from the coconut curries we make in Mangalore.  The clams were cooked in onion and tomato curry garnished with a generous helping of browned coconut. We also ordered their legendary prawns sukkha or tawa fry and their stuffed mackeral. These two actually stole the show from the thalis that we ordered.

I visited this place nearly after 7-8 years and nothing has changed – be it their service, the quality of their food or the freshness of their fish. Maybe the price for the thalis would have increased marginally but for the meal we ordered (which also included an extra bowl of rice, curd and bottled water) came to Rs 1250!

A couple of words of caution – they do not not accept cards and deal with cash only (always did and its not just GST) and they are closed on Thursdays.

Simply put a restaurant that makes you feel happy in the tummy and your wallet isn’t quite unhappy either.

Menu can be viewed here.






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  1. ananya saha says:

    Brilliant post. Makes me want to revisit the restaurant…and mumbai, of course. Cheers!

    1. Thank you Ananya for your kind words.

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