Cous Cous Salad

I come from a home where everyone (that’s my son and me 😉 hates cooked vegetables. Atleast by now i know that my son isn’t averse to raw vegetables. The weekend that went by i decided to experiment with the cous cous that was lying in my cupboard. I had got it being totally inspired by the pumpkin-cous cous salad that i had in Bali and then forgot about it.

So this weekend since i had a lot of free time (which is a rare commodity these days) i decided to make my version of the cous-cous salad.

Cous-cous salad – Janice style;)


1 packet of cous-cous – 250 gms  – boil till it is white in colour in 2 litres of mildly salted water

Feta cheese – as per taste

Lime – half

Finely diced cucumber

Finely diced onion

Grated carrots

Diced babycorn

Black olives

And maybe some leftover chicken if you fancy.

1. Boil water. Add cous cous and cook till well done. Drain the water.

2. Add chopped vegetables, black olives, crumble the feta cheese in it

3. Add salt to taste and squeeze half a lime!

That’s it. Your cous cous salad is ready. You can serve this chilled or with curries of your choice. The salad works as a meal on its own or as a substitute for rice. The salad is also a great way to get some vegetables into people (like me) who don’t quite care for them.

Happy digging in!

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  1. Great recipe. I love a good cous cous.

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