Sri Lanka diaries #photoblog #memories of Galle Fort

This is a quick photoblog to capture my memories in Galle Fort, probably one of the places i really connected with, during my last holiday – Sri Lanka. If ever i end up going to Sri Lanka again, Galle Fort is definitely one of the places where I will go to.

Muhsin Villa – a Dutch styled villa at the heart of Galle Fort, Sri Lanka. 

Walking around the quaint streets inside the Fort area.

So much to ‘sea’

Clean waters at Unawatuna beach – but yes not much water sport. Maybe a good beach to just walk along

Peace pagoda at Jungle beach -must visit for the views

Hidden beach in the jungle: therefore the jungle beach 🌊< img class=”wp-image-2024″ src=”; width=”3024″ height=”4032″>Heritage museum: privately owned museum in Galle. Some interesting finds.< img class=”wp-image-2032″ src=”; width=”3024″ height=”4032″>The Lighthouse, Dutch architecture and the lighthouse beach.<<<<

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