Papa’s Pork Sorpotel: My long impending post on..pork..again

My papa with his beautiful wife ūüôā
When most people look for comfort food, they would cite maggi, pasta, pizza, ‘bhate-bhat’ for the bengalis, daal-bhat for most of the others. My comfort food for all seasons and for all the right reasons is pork sorpotel. And just the way my papa makes it. Though i have tried several versions of this dish, my papa’s version has a special place in my heart. So i thought i should document this dish for my son, who could probably then make it for his children. Recipe typed out by my papa.
Also this is probably my fifth post on pork so you probably know that is the one thing I ‘pig out’ on the most.
Papa’s Pork Sorpotel¬†
1 kg of pork innards with liver, heart etc cleaned and partially boiled OR a kg pork partially boiled and cut in small pieces.
A tbspoon pigs blood crystlline. ( if not available do not worry)
A piece of cinnamon.
For grinding:
20 dry chillies
2 tsp coriander
half tsp jeera (cumin seeds)
half tsp pepper
half tsp turmeric grind with little vinegar or tamarind
For chopping
3 medium sized onions chopped small (say 16 pieces)
3 green chillies
10 cloves of garlic
1 inch ginger
  • Add the meat,chopped items and ground masala with little bit of salt and tamarind water till cooked.
  • When cooked add salt,tamarind water or vinegar and the crystalline blood.
  • Sourness must be adjusted to your taste
  • Finally add little sugar
  • Soak tamarind in water and remove waste
  • Use only just enough vinegar and ¬†tamarind water.
  • If lot of liquid fat is floating around remove it.

This on cooking tastes better over a few days if refrigerated and heated as per requirements.

Sorpotel РNot the best looking pic but the best tasting comfort food in the WORLD! This one was made by my uncle. 

Pork Sorpotel tastes best with my mummy’s sanna (idlis), bread or steamed rice. This is a dish that a lot of wedding caterers make since it has a decent mix of curry and meat, doesn’t have to be spicy and suits a lot of palates. But every time i eat pork sorpotel, it just reminds me of home and my Papa.

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