N for Never give up #AtoZchallenge

I am so behind in my challenge- so many days of writers block that I decided to challenge myself to atleast finishing this series and not compete​ with the other stalwarts in the #Blogchatter challenge. What Blogchatter’s #AtoZChallenge got me to do is 

  • Get some semblance of discipline in my blogging life 
  • Got me to take my blog and my love for food seriously so much so I made my instagram account a professional one, started a Facebook page for this blog 
  • Got me blogging more than I have ever done in all my years of blogging
  • Got me to start a new series on medium.com, read some more there so I can write better here or wherever I write 
  • Got me to connect with fellow foodies, food bloggers, instagrammers
  • Got me in touch with the core quality I have in life overall – never give up. 

So this post is all about me thanking Richa and Blogchatter for getting me to write and write some more and yes #nevergiveup

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