L for lime, lemons, lemonade and vodka lemonade #AtoZchallenge 

When life hands you lemons they say make lemonade. I say add a dash of vodka and salt and make yourself vodka lemonade. I also say seek out lemons because there is nothing quite as refreshing as lime, lemons, lemonade and vodka lemonade.  

Lemons from my mum’s garden

This tangy fruit in all its forms in one of my favourite seasoning to add to my food or drink. Lemons are very adaptable and change the most mundane of foods to something exotic (ok that’s exaggerating a bit but you get what i mean).  Lime reminds me of several dishes and thus several memories.

Lime works best when you want to marinate your meats especially white meats. It breaks down the fat in the meat a and lends it a tangy flavor without destroying the original flavor of the food. I love marinating prawns with lemon. Pomfret tastes best when you add a dash of lime to the chili and salt marinade before you fry it. It also works wonders with Surmai (kingfish) and mackerels but when you squeeze it on the fried fish after you have fried them. Marination for these two is better when it’s with vinegar or atleast that’s how it was passed on to me by my mum. 

I also marinate my chicken in lemon juice before fry it. But if I want chicken to be softer it’s always better to marinate in masalas and yogurt and squeeze lime on it after you have fried it.  Lime reminds me distinctly of the fried chicken my mum makes. Recipe for this can be found here. Meat tastes best especially the one that is roasted on coal when you add a dash of spice. Lime on mutton kebabs, chicken legs, and roasted papad with onions and tomatoes  literally makes my mouth water as I write this. 

My erstwhile mother in law used a lot of lime in her daal. Yes. And boy did I love it. Khatta daal. Like the Gujaratis used to make it. She used to add a generous portion of peanuts to it. Funny lime also reminds me of her 😜 Should anyone know the recipe for Khatta daal please send it to me or comment on this blog. Lime also reminds me of the mutton chops I used to hate, that she used to make. Well of course I couldn’t tell her that cos my ex husband loved it, so lime used to come to the rescue and used to redeem the dish for me. Everytime.

Also what would bhel – sukkha or geela be without lime?  I cannot tolerate chillies as you might know by now. So the only way i enjoy my bhel would be to add a dash of lime, with an extra sprinkling of peanuts and an extra puri of course. Lime is an essential component of all Indian chaat dishes I suppose – mostly of those that don’t involved yogurt (dahi). 

The best use of lime is in its original form. As juice. Lime juice with a dash of rock salt can quench even the unquenchable thirst you can have on a hot summer day. Beats any kind of aerated drink you can have in this. I tasted this lovely concoction of coconut water mixed with sweetened lime water in hot hot Mangalore. Tasted like nirvana. And it was chilled. Ooooh. And what is the simplest alcoholic drink you can have with lime? Gin and tonic with a dash of … you guessed it… a slice of lime! My favourite though is vodka with a squeeze of lime juice. 

What are your lime stories? What does that one tangy fruit (or is is a vegetable) remind you of? Tell me more! 

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