J for Japanese food #AtoZChallenge catch-up 

When you say Japanese food you think sushi. As a foodie I think I discovered sushi rather late in my life. And how i regret it. Imagine the amount of glorious sushi I would have eaten before I discovered it some 8 years back! So much was missed out considering the main ingredient of sushi is fish! 

I tasted sushi when I stopped over at Singapore on my way to Australia and I have the option of getting out into the city. My friend’s family took me to eat sushi in a fancy restaurants complete with miso soup and sake. And ever since I need to have my fix of sushi and sashimi once every few months. 

Often ramen, baos and dumplings are mistaken for Japanese food – because a lot of food in this cuisine has influence from China. Seafood and vegetable with sticky rice is staple but a lot of Japanese food now has meat – pork primarily. However in comparison to other cuisines worldwide Japanese uses the least amount of meat, oil and spice. Which is good news for me. 

The last time I encountered some really good sushi was at Shiro at Lower Parel. Fatty Bao comes a close second. Shiro has a sushi platter which I don’t know if any other mainstream restaurant offers. Sure the five star hotel restaurants do but this pricing is five star as well. When you do go to eat the Shiro sushi platter either go with a good appetite or go in larger numbers. 

Fatty Bao on the other hand has a limited variety of sushi but are also quite well made. Fatty Bao is the place I first tried the chasu ramen. More details about this soul food can be read here. When you are there do try their baos which are exceptional and their Japanese cheese cake. The only other place I had sashimi apart from what I had in Singapore was at Global Fusion at Bandra but was quite average in taste. It was a buffet and I don’t really trust sushi at buffets, kind of doubt the sushi’s freshness. 

What makes sushi enjoyable for me is the wasabi and the soy sauce mix. Someone taught me to mix the wasabi with the soy sauce so the wasabi heat doesn’t kill you. Apparently the pickled ginger slices also add flavor but I personally don’t like ginger. 

My favourite kind of sushi? Crabmeat sushi. Where do you find it? At Shiro of course. Any new places to eat sushi? Suggestions welcome!

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