H for hot sauces and spices  #AtoZchallenge catch up 

Hot spices and sauces aren’t my best friends. I have a very low tolerance to chilies and hot spices in general, and so I end up avoiding them at most times.

There are however some instances where I give into the taste and flavor that they add to particular dish. And I swear that even though it is tough I brave my way through tears and eat every bit of the spicy food on offer.

One of the spiciest dishes I have eaten so far and stop short of calling a fire brigade to douse the fire in my mouth is at Pune where my cousin ordered chicken curry which was made Ratnagiri-style. I could taste no meat, I could taste no flavor just chilies all the way. And a truck load of them. Definitely did not enjoy it.

But then there are other dishes like the pandi curry in Coorg. The spice quotient is very high but it add such a personality to that dish, so much flavor – you will be sweating yourself out but you won’t stop eating the dish. That’s how delicious that is. Why do they make pork so spicy in Coorg? Their simple explanation is that it should not be eaten in large quantities because people have issues digesting it. Spice prevent people from over eating it. Traditionally that is the only meat dish that is spicy, the others don’t burn your taste buds as much as this one does.

I would say that this rule applies to a lot of meat dishes across cultures. The only place I have probably not eaten pork that is spicy is assamese cuisine. Mangalore and Goan food also has a fair amount of spice that is used in meat dishes. As against that their vegetables are cooked with minimal spice and a lot of coconut to probably offset be spice of the meat, when served as meal together.

Another spicy favourite of several spice lovers I know is goan chorizo. Steeped in vinegar the spices get more profoundly sharp and is best eaten with pao. You can then save your burning palate and stomach with King’s beer. And where is the best place to feast on this? Right next to a beach in Goa when the sun is setting at a distance into ocean. 🌴


My favourite spicy dish though is fiery red Mangalore pork curry or better known as pork bafat. It tastes best when the masalas are ground at home. It is just spicy enough not to call a fire brigade and enough to give you a pleasant heartburn as you sleep soundly for three hours after a meal of pork and rice. Here is the recipe of the dish I love ❤️ and no you cannot take my papa to help you make it.

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  1. Saroja says:

    I blame you and only you for making me drool so much right now. You’re doing a great job of putting up lovely anecdotes and stories to supplement the recipe! These are close guarded secrets from your mumma’s kitchen and oh so precious too. I follow your recipes and will put up pictures when I try them. I miss talking food with you. You’re doing a stellar job, Janice. Keep this up. Put up more recipes and stories. Lots of love and more power to you.

    1. Muah Saroja 🙂 Come to Mumbai, we go food trailing.

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