F is for Fish #AtoZChallenge catch-up 

Coming from village in coastal Karnataka it is not surprising that my diet consists largely of fish. When there is no fish as part of my food it kind of feels incomplete. When most Christians give up something they love for Lent, I don’t compromise on fish. I rather give up my love for shopping or eating out than give up eating fish. Fish keeps me happy – after all it is important to be happy above everything else. 

Fish reminds instantly of my mums fish curry and while many have appreciated it, no one is as big a fan as I am. Here is my mum’s recipe for the fish curry. If you want it to taste exactly as she makes it then you will need to take her along. But sorry she can’t stay with you forever 🙂 

I cook some great pepper crab. After washing the crab and breaking each knot half, cook it with tomatos, onions, pepper, split whole green chillies and tumeric. Make sure you are sautéing all the ingredient in clarified butter or ghee before adding the crab to it. No need to add salt.  But if you want something more elaborate here is a recipe for you. More of a curry dish and goes well with boiled rice. 

The best fish I have eaten thus far have been at home in Mangalore. Fresh fish always makes for great curries and amazing fried fish. 

Goa comes a close second when it comes to great sea food. Haven’t cooked in Goa but do visit Martins Corner at Betalbatim and Souza Lobo at Calangute. The salty air and the sandy beach adds a special touch to any sea food you eat at Goa. 

Kerala is where got my next best fish experience. You almost want to eat fish for breakfast- that’s how fresh the fish is there. If you are in Kerala and are on a houseboat please ask for fresh king prawns to be cooked and do eat the karimeen. The next best place to eat fish is at the innumerable Malwani joints in Mumbai. The best amongst those is Highway Gomantak which makes not only the best tisrya masala but also some mean solkadhi. This pic however is from a place in Borivali called Rassa, which has for some sad reason closed down now. 

Gazalee comes a close in my favourite places to eat fish but somewhere I feel the restaurant is getting little too commercial and is losing its edge while getting a bit too fancy. 

I also enjoy the calamari and fish and chips – this pic is from British brewing company but doesn’t do justice or come close to either of the original preps that I ate in Australia for calamari or in London for the fish and chips. Some good recommendations for both in Mumbai will help. 

I also enjoy fish in the form of sushi and with that you would have not realised I like fish in every form possible including it as crackers (shrimp crackers in Singapore taste so good!!!) My best experience in sushi so far has been with Shiro and FattyBao comes a close second. 

And where do I get the freshest catch when I have to cook fish in Mumbai? Visit the Malad wholesale fish market to get a steal. 

They say you also get great fish Colaba fish market but i haven’t ventured that far. I also rely on my local fish lady at IC colony in Borivali to get my weekly fish stock. But you know how the fish gets to me packed with love? My Papa sends it for me all the way from Mangalore, freshly cut, cleaned and frozen and flown all the way to Mumbai, transported by my Mum. Yes. The best fish in the whole world!

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