E for eggs #AtoZChallenge catch-up 

Breakfast for me isn’t complete without eggs. I love eggs for breakfast and if there are eggs on the menu I would have breakfast for lunch and dinner too. Especially when I am at a restaurant that serves all day breakfast I make sure I either order eggs benedict or a frittata no matter what meal I am eating. 

I don’t know how to whip up good hollandaise sauce but my cousin Jason makes some great Eggs Benedict and this is how they turned out to be. Not a great pic but great hollandaise sauce which actually is the hallmark of a good eggs benedict. 

Home made frittata or a one dish dinner

Jason also taught me how to make a great version of a frittata. Baked egg is more like it. You whip up four eggs with milk, season with some salt and pepper and keep aside. 

In a warm deep pan, add cut vegetables and meat – the could well we left overs from the night before too. Add a bit of salt and pepper there too. Pour the egg and milk mixture into this and layer it with cheese slices. Cover and bake this / cook t over  a slow flame. Serve frittata with sauce. You can make a fancier version of this by not using left over veggies and meat and substituting it with broccoli, mushrooms, pepperoni and the like and layer it with Parmesan and mozarella as well -if you want this one dish to be the hero of your party. You could also add pre cooked elbow pasta to this and make it into a one pot dinner. Anyway you make it the eggs will complete your meal. 

Egg muffins

Another quick and easy dish that I make for breakfast is egg muffins. This I learnt from a video by Tasty on Facebook. This is quite a hit with my son too.

Beat six eggs and add salt and pepper to it . Keep aside. 

In a cupcake baking tray lined with oil or butter add baby tomatoes, mushrooms, basil, broccoli, ham, pepperoni, cheese in whichever combination you prefer. 

Pour the egg into the tray compartments covering the egg stuffings evenly. Bake at 200 deg celcius for 20 mins. 

Take the muffins out and eat hot with tomato ketchup or store it  to reheat and eat. This makes of excellent breakfast when you don’t have time to whip yourself an elaborate one every weekday. Very satisfying and healthy. 

Another egg dish that is worth a mention in this post is the Eggs Kejriwal. I have tried this at two mumbai restaurants (Soda bottle Openerwala and Bombay canteen) and no they aren’t named after Arvind Kejriwal but a certain General Kejriwal and are served in the manner he liked to eat his eggs. I leave it to you to decide which one is better. I have my favourite and it is for you to guess. 

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