D for dumplings #AtoZchallenge catch up 

Dumplings are my favourite comfort food. I discovered them in Singapore when a colleague took me to China town to gorge on dumplings of all shapes and sizes. I acquainted myself with baos, dim sums, sui mais, wontons, soupy dumplings, fried wantons..and from then on am a fan. 

Over the years of eating dumplings at various places I learnt that the thinner the dumpling batter for the casing the more ingenious are they to make and it gives a certain wow factor to the dish when you first see it. It’s like seeing someone you love after a very long time..yes the same feeling I think. 

Some of the best dumpling experiences I have had were when I was pregnant. I would order dumplings at the drop of a hat at any reasonable restaurant or go hunting for them on foot. I was virtually dumpling locator and had pretty much scouted the city for dumplings worth devouring. My go-to place when there was nothing fancy in the vicinity would be Mokto momos – dumplings as we know them colloquially. I would sit alone and devour eight pieces of momos quietly with peanut sauce. It’s not wonder that my baby Aiden is a momo fan too. When we go to a mall he doesn’t demand for pizza or ice cream. He quietly stands at the momo stand and literally demands it. And I am not complaining! 

Some of the finest dumpling places I have visited along the way so far and in no particular order are: 

  • Bungalow 9 – delicate chicken momos with chilli sauce, while listening to some soul stirring music 
  • Nom nom – a variety of momos – go for the shrimp momos here 
  • Fatty Bao – the baos are fantastic especially the pork baos and the asparagus momos 
  • Mokto momo stations – not the best around but good enough to satisfy momo cravings on the go
  • Momos in and around Sikkim – eat from the roadside carts. Thick batter, big momos but the filling is really kickass
  • Shiro – try their dumpling platter – you get a variety of quality dumplings including the rare soupy ones – the one with the soup in it 

We have some other dumplings too – which we know by other names –  ‘modak’ that we make at Ganesh Chaturti or the ‘mutlin’ that we make in Mangalore to eat with chicken curry or the ‘kodambattu’ that goes with Pandi curry, that we make in Coorg. Some other version include getting the dumpling wrapped in banana or haldi (turmeric) leaves for added flavor – and involves a jaggery and coconut stuffing. These too come under the dumpling family and make for great comfort eating. 

What are some of the other varieties of dumplings you have eaten? And what are some of the best places for this wonderful comfort food?  I would really want to know! 

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  1. Loved reading this blog. I’m also a huge dumpling fan. Ate some amazing mutton dumplings with soup, recently at Landour, Mussorie. And yes we make the yummy patoli, which is jaggery, coconut and cardamon filling stuffed in a rice cover, steamed in haldi leaves at Nagpanchami. I also get awesome momos near my home in Thane 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment and inputs. Must try the momos in landour now.

  2. I just finished grocery shopping… and now I feel like I need to go back and get things 🙂

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