C for Calamari #AtoZchallenge catchup

As things always go on your holiday you relax a bit too much and discipline goes out of the window. So here I am playing catch up….a lot of catch up. 

I reunited with my best sea food – calamari on my holiday in Bali. When in a sea locked land, make sure you get your fix of calamari or better known as squid. Calamari only makes it sound exotic (and allows me to write this post..). I ate calamari in two or three different ways this holiday. Calamari deep fried with fries, skewered calamari and salt and pepper calamari with tartar sauce.  

The best calamari memory I have, however, is the first time I ate it at the fisherman’s wharf at Darwin Australia. Till then squid evoked a lot of unpleasant sensations largely due to how gooey and slimy the creature looks like when alive or dead. Thanks to my pleasant brush with calamari then, I always scout for some calamari when possible.  I have never tried to cook it at home because the creature without being breaded or fried crisp before I see it in front of me still gives me the heebeejeebees. 

But I would definitely want to get over that and cook them someday. Recipes and suggestions how to get over the heebeejeebees are welcome 🙂

Till then here is one of the versions of C for calamari I ate at Pullman Legian Bali Nirwana.

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