B for Bali #AtoZChallenge

Planning for a holiday is more exciting than the actual holday, they say. Planning for Bali got me all excited till the day actually arrived. Then chaos hit me. This was my first trip to a foreign location with my son. I had to make sure that he not only travels well but enjoys his vacation too. That’s when I made random checklists in my head and acted upon them. Here are some of  the things to keep in mind when you are travelling alone with a young child:

1. Carry all essentials in your carry on luggage: this would include comfort food, distractions, stuff to keep the kid busy including colours, books, toys, an extra change of clothes or two, candy (yes), real food which can survive stopovers and long flights. And travel light. Spend time taking care of the child and worrying less about your luggage.

2. Comfortable clothing: ensure your kid is comfortable in his clothing. Carry pullovers, jackets additionally if it gets too cold inflight or at the airport 

3. Get organised: try to keep all your documents in one case, your money in two safe locations and your gadget wires, battery packs etc in a third. You don’t want to be scurrying behind a kid and rummaging through your bags at security check

4. Arrive earlier and check in on the web:  its better than scrambling last mine and getting lousy seats or waiting in queues for security checks with a tired kid

5. Potty check: please visit the loo just before take off. Kids are notorious to want to go when the seat belt sign is on. Always. Do this just before they call for landing too

6. Fill forms in advance: as soon as your check in is done and as soon as your kid is sleeping on that flight it’s time to fill the immigration or customs forms

7. Sleep and rest: you might not realise it because you will be so focussed on your little person, but you need rest too. Above all remember you have to keep in good health too especially during loading flights. Keep yourself hydrated and eat at regular intervals. I didn’t do it and suffered the mother of all migraines on day one of my holiday. 

Well this is all I could remember of my trip prep to Bali. Feel free to add your suggestions and let me know your hacks when travelling with a little person. Till then happy holidays !

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  1. Malavika S P says:

    Nice! Have a great trip.
    And yes, I know all about the potty trips… What is their fascination with exploring the loos in every new place they visit from homes, to aeroplanes, to restaurants???

    Couple more things that I can think of:
    1. If the kid is old enough, let him/her carry a backpack with snacks, water bottle, colouring material, kerchief, spare socks and cap. And make them responsible for it. That way they learn to become little travellers themselves. Better still let them handle theor own little strolley too
    2. Carry chewing gum, or chewey candy… For them painful ears. The chewing action encourages to swallow saliva, and swallowing helps release that pressure on the ear. 🙂

    Looking forward to more updates on the fun you guys had there!

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