A for April: #AToZChallenge


April is the one month that holds a lot of relevance to me.

April was one month i would start my exams at school and take me through an arduous journey till they ended. I hated exams.

  • Now April is good for me because my son’s exams are over before April began! I still hate exams though, even if my son is appearing for them. Even though he is four 😉

April was the month of new beginnings which never ended quite well. My wedding anniversary was on April 19. Not anymore.

  • Now April is about a new beginning which i know that will last forever. April marked the month where i will have my first international travel with my son. To Bali. (So now you know what to what for when i write a post with the letter B). And i know this won;t be the last of our trips
  • April now is about new beginnings at work. To work on exciting assignments, go to new cities, meet new clients.
  • April is also the month i started off on this blog after the first Blogchatter meet. The people i met were such an inspiration, they let me with so much motivation. So here i am beginning with my first post of the #AtoZchallenge

April reminded me of the sweltering heat. Summer at its peak.

  • But now i think summer has already hit its peak in March…and its scorching HOT now. But what do you know – the mangoes are here. Summer now means mangoes for Aiden and me. Who thought a fruit would create a good memory about April for me?

April is my Papa’s birthday (April 29) and the birthday of my closest friend Anjali (April 15) – both of whom stuck with me through thick and thin. April is a time i thank God for both of them.

April, therefore, will continue hold an important place in my life every year. Though it will be hot as hell, i believe the heat will burn what i don’t need in life and bring about new starts, new opportunities, fresh perspectives – every year.

Have a cheery April 2017 everyone!



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  1. Iain Kelly says:

    Nice post. I look forward to more form you during the challenge. Hope you can find time to check out my effort too. Good luck.

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