Love makes my world go round..

Valentine’s day and love is all over your timeline. But what do we truly really love? It took me 38 years and a long hard look myself to come to a conclusion of what or who i truly love. Since i always think in lists, here is a list of things i love or who i love:

  1. The #Loveofmylife: My son. The one reason why i have more drive to live than anything else in the world. He is a loving little man, very affectionate and knows how to love his mummy, to melt her heart into a gooey mess even when she is at the lowest or at her fuming worst.15698101_10153977433896890_5043560464393148112_n

2. Family: This comprises not only my immediate family – parents and siblings – they are a given. You are genetically predisposed to love them.

There is family i have, that i chose along the way in life – some very close friends, old friends as old as 15 years or more. All of them unconventional, different, individuals in their own right and i am very glad to have them in my life.

My family knows me as well as i know myself, they have seen me learn, grow and turn into this person that i have now become.

3. Food: Who doesn’t like food. I absolutely love it. Cooking, feeding and eating. The love the process, i like to know the origin of the food i eat, i research about it and i publicly appreciate it – through by blog, my FB posts, i am a fan of Zomato, Swiggy, Freshmenu and every other food ordering app that you can think of.

Wherever i travel, i make it a point to sample local cuisine and come back armed with recipes to cook it back home. Actually i would even travel just to eat! Some day i want to make this into a profession and do more than just cook as a hobby, or write to appreciate food.

4. Myself:  This should have been first in the list. As you know already – i am fabulous and i love myself!

Loving yourself is probably the first thing every human being should do. But somewhere along the way of loving everyone around you, you tend to be hard on yourself and slowly start comparing yourself to others – loving yourself less and less.

And here is the moot point of this post: I learnt this the hard way, in a rather roundabout way but for beginners – start loving yourself by doing one thing that you love everyday.

Loving yourself means investing in yourself – look good, feel good, read the best books, listen to music that feeds your soul, travel to places that you want to see, be with people that make you happy  – basically do the very best for yourself.

And here is the magic cue, love yourself before anything else  and the world starts loving you!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!





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