Holiday Eating

When most of us look at holiday eating as a means to binge over the holidays, indulging in somewhat overeating or indulging in unhealthy quantities of food, i come home to regain my health.Its not that i don’t have access to good food but i believe my mum, the restaurants in my hometown Karkala and generally everyone i know of – even the caterers at a wedding in Mangalore keep ‘health and wholesome food’ at the centre of all their cooking and cuisine.

Take for example the dosa from the local eatery in Karkala. Crispy brown, made with minimal oil (in this case  ghee ) and served hot with sweet mustard-infused coconut chutney and sambar that has more vegetable and finely ground homemade masalas than i have tasted back in Mumbai. Eating this in an atmosphere where you are not hurrying to catch the fastest email to your inbox, or the slowest train back home to Borivali from Elphinstone, makes the experience even more worthwhile.

So when you think of eating healthy, while you might worry about calories and how much of organic produce goes into your food, it might be worth the while to wait a little, savour the food, think about who made it for you, say a word of thanks and eat it in small morsels at leisure. I believe there is a lot of good health you can gather when you are not in a hurry.

Happy Holiday Eating!

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