Not so iconic anymore…

An excellent bowl of hummus and pita bread at German Bakery, KP, Pune

Visited German bakery after almost a decade. From being an iconic location in Pune that you visited right after Osho ashram, this place has lost its charm, it’s service and some of its signature foods – like its multigrain breads, its savories..

What you get instead is an array of continental food and breakfast options. The food i agree continues to be excellent.

The service is so bad you want to leave immediately. Waiters are smug, not co-operative, don’t attend to you and don’t have a good understanding of the menu.A couple of times the waiter said nothing comes soon – pastas take 20 mins, mac and cheese also will take 20 mins…when i ordered hummus and pita that itself too 15 mins!

In fact it almost feels like they are waiting for you to leave. Sad to see an excellent place like this being run down by shoddy service. #sosad #terribleservice #goodfood #whatawaste

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