Sorpotel heaven


Food  with family usually is a rare phenomenon in my life. Either my family is too distant or is too busy to catch up and the closest you get to dine with family is to eat bland, baby safe food with my son (who HATES spice). So when you never leave an opportunity to miss family lunch and last Sunday was one such occasion.

I got to taste the softest and slightly sweet sannas, the most aromatic kori rotty and yes sorpotel that took me to heaven in an instant. Sorpotel is usually prepared by the men in my family – my dad and my uncles can actually have a competition for making the best sorpotel in the family. But my cookie uncle – who is my dearest uncle and my dad’s brother took the cake away this Saturday. When you cook with love and intent, it shows and this sorpotel was by far the best one i have eaten in my LIFE! The curry had the right amount of spice, not too acidic. The secret as my uncle said was using tamarind juice instead of vinegar and adding a wee bit of sugar to heighten the spice and tone down the tartness.I still have some saved for the evening today! The longer it stays the better it tastes.


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  1. Aparna Natarajan says:

    Hi.. cudn’t find the recipe for the sorpotel.. is it possible to send to my email address plss

    1. Sorry i dont think i posted that receipe. Will do it soon.

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