Its about time!

Its about time i restarted my blog with a good food experience that i had after a very long time. It was awesome enough for me to document it in a post, albeit a racy, pacey and small one.

This one was at Palladium Social. My friend and me were out for our usual ‘detox lunch’ – detox from stress actually and lunch usually does the trick. We wanted to go to PaPaYa – too full and bustling with people and we had  no time to wait. So we quickly went next door to Palladium Social. Finding the door to the place was a challenge of sorts, you will know what i mean when you get there.

The ambiance as usual was quirky. Friendly staff took us to a table with a wobble first but quickly the menu had just changed to another. What intrigues me are the aluminium plates – so cute i always want to sneak one into my back.

We opted for what seemed safe and light on the tummy. Social never fails to please my tastebuds. This time i was floored with what we ordered – Kheema pao, BBQ chicken house fries (not light at all by any measure of the word but what the heck!) and the Nam noodle broth. The Nam Noodle Broth was what i liked best. The quantity was a bit much for us since we also had the Kheema Pao and BBQ Chicken…so i got the Nam Noodle Broth back home in a doggy bag. 

Must say that the Broth was filling enough for me at night since i had a long evening that left me famished. The Broth was a generous mix of chicken, vegetables, sprouts and noodles, perfect rejuvenation for a hot day. I bet it would taste better chilled.

Service was quick and easy, no ‘how was your meal madam?’ in the middle of our meal.

Must go back to Palladium Social to try out their Thai Thali and all day breakfast when I have some more time at hand.



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  1. Aparna Natarajan says:

    hi.. thanks for coming back… hope to get some new recipes to try out.. 🙂

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