Nothing is better than home cooked food…

When there are times you want to eat some home cooked food, but dont have the heart or the strength to cook that’s when Ma’Swad comes to the rescue.  The brainchild of Dinesh Kamath, this eatery looks quite non-descript on the outside and you can easily miss it amongst the long line of eateries in Mindspace, Malad West where it is currently located.

I chanced upon Ma’Swad when i was particularly not in the mood to cook but i had wholesome home cooked food on my mind. Also i had a deep craving to eat what my mom cooked and unfortunately for me my mom had returned back home to Mangalore.

The owner of Ma’Swad, Dinesh got me to taste some of the food that he serves. He boasts of the fact that the food he sells is home-cooked, nutritious and hygienic – as compared to restaurant food. This he says is the unique selling point of this outlet and as the name of suggestions has the ‘Swaad’ that reminds you of you ‘Ma’.

So here is what i ate and how i rate it:

Mixed vegetables:I am not a fan of vegetable but this one did not let me revolt. Had a delicate home feel to the veggies, something my mum would whip up in a hurry. In a ‘hurry’ was the operative word though. I wasn’t crazy about it but it was good to taste.


Aloo bhujia: I like potatoes and this dish did justice to them.  A little on the spicier side this would be a delicious accompaniment to be eaten with chapatis. I wasn’t too happy with the oil content in the dish though.

Bharleli Simla Mirchi: I was totally blown over by this dish. The right flavours, not too much spice…i literally licked the masala from the bottom of the container. The filling had a hint of sweetness in it which i totally loved.


Sindhi Kadhi: Tasted awesome with white rice, this Sindhi Kadhi was an absolute treat. A wee bit low on salt but something i dont mind having on a daily basis. If this was part of my daily lunch i would love it. Light and easy on the palate as well, flavours that linger long after you have had your lunch or dinner.


Coriander Chicken: Yummy to the core, and good amount of chicken in it too. Tasted great with a bowlful of white rice, the chicken wasn’t spicy for my taste but left a nice flavour that i could recollect long after i finished eating the food. The only downside was that there was too much oil used when cooking the dish. Might not work well if you plan to eat this dish for lunch or dinner everyday.


The full meal can be washed down with a glass of ampanna. Totally divine, this was the winner amongst all the dishes i tried from Ma’Swad. Dinesh says that it is made by adding jaggery instead of sugar like other commercially available ampannas – making it not only delicious to take but healthy as well.


Overall verdict: A fabulous option for office goers and those who are too tired to cook after a long but want to eat something that is not off a hotel menu. Ma’Swad marries taste with variety, health and nutrition in a simply made home cooked meal without bringing in the tedium of cooking itself.

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