Gelato heaven: Mimi’s Gourmet Gelatos

Packaging - Mimis
Packaging – Mimis Gourmet Gelatos

Its the peak of ‘winter’ in Mumbai and then you have this innate urge to eat ice cream. And then you get a call from Shubhi Goel – Founder of Mimis Gourmet Gelatos. This is what you call serendipity. A few calls and messages later, there were 8 tasting tubs of gelatos at my office for my team!

A very excited Shubhi took me through all the flavours that were on offer and surprised me with a couple of flavours that were not on menu mentioning that Mimi’s can be custom made! And that the secret to these extremely delicious and creamy gelatos.

Every single batch of Mimi’s is hand-made, and produced in small batches of 500ml or 1000ml (ours was 250ml tasting tubs) she said, using locally sourced and fine ingredients. Small batch production ensures highest quality and freshness of product and an incredibly fine texture which cannot be attained by conventional Gelato/ Ice Cream manufacturing techniques.

Mimi’s makes goodies only on order and small batches and i am sucker for customization, and boy was i impressed (not to mention my team who tasted the batch – who couldn’t stop raving about it). When we picked our flavours, everyone automatically went for the alcoholic flavours (what can you expect when you work for an agency who is constantly stressing about media or an event…)  but these were not on offer, yet.

We tried 8 different flavours – Hazelnut, Strawberry, Wild berries, Belgian Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate and Chilly Peppers, Salty peanut butter and hold your breath – Chocolate and Wasabi! i mean really Chocolate and Wasabi – who thought of this killer flavour?


Our favourites:

Chocolate and Chilly Peppers. – velvety and creamy rich, followed by a dash of chilly heat that hits your palate later.

Wild berries: You could taste every berry in it! It was one fruity experience!

Hazelnut:My favourite (i was actually torn between that and Peanut butter) because i generally don’t like too much sweetness. Hazelnut won of course.

Belgian Chocolate: The team was tripping on Belgian chocolate but i found it a little too bitter for my palate. But this is most certainly a more popular flavour.

What could have been better:

Chocolate and Wasabi; This one has potential but i think the wasabi in this was a little too mild. Got a very very faint flavour at the end of the velvety dark chocolate.

What make Mimi’s different?

These are completely custom made – you can tell them what you’d like in it and you can have it. Because of the limited quantity,it is easy to focus on the quality of the ice cream to make it creamier and smoother than the best Gelatoes available commercially today.

The process of manufacturing
The process of manufacturing

Mimi’s uses Heston Blumenthal’s Liquid Nitrogen method. Liquid Nitrogen {-195 C} freezes the gelato base mixture instantly, and the result is a superior product, because it ensures an extremely creamy and dense, and ice crystal free result.

In less than a year, Mimi’s has caught the imagination of Delhi and is fancied by everyone from the layman to the connoisseurs of fine foods. Driven by their initial success, Mimi’s is now starting a kitchen in Mumbai.

Where: Phoenix Towers, Lower Parel

For orders call: Shubhi at +919619805052

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