Half year resolutions

Entering July I felt the need of revisiting my resolutions
Here goes:
1. Love myself – this meant eat well, sleep well, dress well and take care of my health.  Cos no one else will.  And to elevate my status from doormat to the boot that kicks.  Hell yeah!
2. Cook – invite friends over cook for them and myself. If not anyone else cook for my son who loves anything i make
3. Holiday and travel: Travel where and when  possible with my son.  Take one more holiday before the year ends. In a new location. Preferably international.
4. Read: catch up with my old friends -books.
5. Reconnect: with friends and make  new ones.  Laugh a little more with them
6. Work hard: get brain out of deep freeze. I have two businesses to run after all and one son to raise!
7. Pray: know that I need some super human strength to do all of this single handedly. Need some divine intervention!



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