Egg Masala for Lent (first appeared

Egg Masala for Lent (first appeared

Egg masala
Egg masala

Egg Masala is usually a dish you end up eating during Lent – a season of fast and abstinence – to give you the protein rush you need in these days. Your excuse? Eggs are vegetarian after all!

Here is a quick and easy egg curry that you can whip up during the Lenten season when you are craving for a protein kick but are too conscientious to eat meat.



4 eggs, boiled and halved
2 medium-sized potatoes, boiled, deskinned and cut into cubes
1 small onion for tempering, cut into slivers
2 tbsp white vinegar
Fresh coriander leaves cut fine

For the masala:

Grind the following ingredients to make a smooth paste

1 large onion
½ a coconut
½ tsp cumin seeds
6 cloves of garlic
4 green chillies
1 inch ginger



1.    Fry the onion in ghee till golden brown. 
2.    Add the ground masala and fry till it loses its rawness. 
3.    Add water to make the curry thin as per requirement. 
4.    Add vinegar to this. 
5.    Bring the curry to a boil. Add the eggs and potatoes to this. 
6.    Garnish the curry with coriander.  
7.    Serve with rice or chapatis.

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