Oats pancakes (first appeared on Rivokids.com)


easy oats pancakes
Oats pancakes for breakfast

Oats pancakes (first appeared on Rivokids.com)

I am constantly looking out for new recipes to offer to my son. Though it doesn’t really matter to him and because he isn’t too much of a fussy eater, I always want him to develop his palate. He has past the stage of appreciating dosa, idlis, upma, sheera and even appams and rice dumplings – all traditional fare. So I went about looking for a recipe which is not traditional, easy to make (very important for my sanity) and nutritious.

Here is my twist to the classic pancake recipe:


250 gms oats grounds into a flour

1 large egg (or two if you have small ones)

200 ml milk

Vanilla essence

½ tsp sugar

¼ tsp salt

2 tbsp oil or butter


1. Mix the egg with the oats flour slowly adding milk to it

2. Don’t allow any lumps to form and make a smooth batter, add sugar and salt to this. Add vanilla essence for flavour

3. Fry the batter on a pan with oil or butter. Allow one side to brown fully before turning to the other side

4. Serve hot with honey, maple syrup, fresh fruit and chocolate sauce (if you are in the mood for it in the morning)

My son likes it best with honey and I enjoy it with bananas and chocolate sauce.

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