Makar Sankrantichi Shubecha (Happy Makarsankranti)

Tilgul kha god god bola
Tilgul kha god god bola

Makar Sankranti immediately reminds me of til laddoos. Every year someone used to present me with these and i used to loathe them simply because they are difficult to bite.

When i was expecting a baby, i pretty much ate everything and that’s when my love for these amazing laddoos developed. This year too my neighbour game me around 10 laddoos and i asked for more. These arent hard, quite chewy infact and the til  works great along with jaggery – and it also helps if you dont have dental cavities 🙂

This is how you make them:


Sesame seeds – til (1 measure)

Jaggery (1/2 measure)

Cardamom powder (1/2 teaspoon)

Roasted peanuts



1. Wash the seeds in water. Dry all the water and roast them till they begin to pop

2.  Take them off the fire and keep aside

3. mix jaggery with a little water and boil on a low flame so as to not burn the jaggery

4. To the diluted jaggery mixture add the sesame seeds and split roasted peanuts

5. Allow to cool but not completely. Before it cools down apply ghee to your palms, take small portions of this mixture and roll into tiny balls.

6. If the mixture cools, it hardens. You can heat this again if you wish to melt it and continue making the laddoos.

Tilgul kha, god god bola. (Eat tilgul and speak sweet words).

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