Thought provoking and feel good blog – A review of Second Thoughts First (

Pooja Sharma Rao’s blog – Second Thoughts First is such a perfect read for Christmas. Unfortunately being a busy elf i did not review this on time.

To begin with the template is simple to maneuver through and has such an easy feel to it, but the blog seems to get a bit cluttered towards the fag end of the page.

What really struck me about the blog was that each post that Pooja wrote about was about a human connection, an emotion that make me think about my own life especially the article on Lessons from a Marriage. Indeed marriage teaches you as you go along and nothing comes easy. Her previous posts aren’t prose but more poetic in nature and have varied topics from the end of the world (2012) to Bartender. Very thought provoking though and makes the right connections, probably in tune with the times when they were penned. 

I was particularly impressed with the ranking of the blog and i am probably not the perfect person to review the blog since this one has so many feathers in its cap. Congratulations!

I am also impressed with the manner that the blog has a section for hindi blogging. Something that i personally haven’t witnessed much. Beautiful lilting poetry about current affairs – even the matter about Section #377 was so beautifully worded.

I was able to go to the Meet me section but i think it requires people to be part of Google+ to know Pooja. Also the page wouldn’t stay open too long to be able to read all that is to know about Pooja, save for her work (as a pic) on display at the Human bean cafe at Ontario.

From the looks of the blog overall, i would say Pooja is highly networked, very popular blogger, with a great flair of writing on subjects which make an instant connection with the general audience who subscribe to her blog. She is also very versatile and supports a variety of causes – child sexual abuse and Indichange (change for women on indiblogger) and that gives me some ideas for my blog as well (teehee).

Personally speaking, if i had to make a suggestion i would ask for a little more consolidation and categorization might bring out the best in this blog and propel it up to higher ranks among bloggers. Why/? Simple. Because everything that is written on the blog is written with a lot of emotion and connects with you right at the heart.

All the best Pooja, it has been a pleasure!

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  1. Karan says:

    the name quite intrigues me and after reading the poetry on current affairs I am excited to read more…nice job elf !!!

    1. psharmarao says:

      thanks a lot Karan, do come over and share your feedback.

  2. janu says:

    I like the name…Second thoughts first. Well, the first link to her blog…it is not working. I liked Pooja’s blog. Good review.

    1. psharmarao says:

      Thanks Janu ! Nice review indeed.

  3. Joyce says:

    great post! I like the pictures.
    will comment back –

  4. psharmarao says:

    Thanks a lot for the balanced review of my blog here. This was indeed a very special Christmas gift.

    1. You are welcome. It was a pleasure.

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