Restaurant review: A whiff of Christmas at Candies


I was looking for the Christmas spirit this year. Normally it just hits you when you listen to a few carols, see decorations in store or when there is a definite chill in the air. But this year, my son wouldn’t allow me to listen to my favourite carols because they weren’t his favourite, there are not too many shops around where i stay displaying decorations and the chill came in a little later.

When my good friend Sneha Suchde decided that we in Bandra, was i thrilled or what! Atleast i knew that now the Christmas spirit will hit me hard. I suggested Lemon Grass but I profusely thanked her when she suggested Candies.

This was the first time i visited Candies and really i was really blown over with the decor, the ambiance, the music and the food. Yes, the Christmas spirit came at me and blew me over. I spent 3 hours in a cafe, relaxed, sitting and sipping my coffee, talking to my friend (who by the way i met for the first time!), listening to carols and yes eating!

Ambiance and Service

xmas candies

The whole cafe was decorated tastefully with lights, holly, poinsettas in pots, Christmas trees, buntings. The seating and the original decor added to the charm as well. I love the idea of terraced seating arrangement (if you want to be away from the crowd) and group seating for large groups (at another level). What i loved most was that even though the cafe functioned on self service, no one got in your way, the staff was amiable (all dressed in Santa hats of course), the place did not look crowded because the crowd was dispersed at various levels and the service was impeccable. And the best part of all – no one intrudes and your plates were cleared off by staff who did not obviously stand around sat you while you ate your meal!


The reason why we met at Candies is because we heard of the ambiance but also the desserts they serve. Since we were going to be discussing about dessert, Candies was the best place. My friend tried the chocolate eclair with fresh cream and strawberries, and recommended that to me.She also had the lemon cheese cake – but we both weren’t too excited with that. Quite creamy but no hint of lemon. I also had the lemon tart – very lemony and very yummy, though it did have a slight eggy after taste.Eclair - Strawberry and fresh cream

As soon as we met though we started with their salad bar. Very good especially their vegetarian and non vegetarian macaroni salad as well as their vegetarian thai papaya salad. And whats best was their salad was value for money.


I also tried their chicken quiche and their chicken mayo sandwich. Thumbs up for the quiche – very creamy and just how quiches should be. Sad chicken mayo sandwich – they give you a half a soggy slice of sandwich, not worth the money you pay for it. And yes too much wafer. Just too much of potato wafers. I would have another sandwich instead of the wafers…

Oh and did i mention the petite feur with your coffee? Just ADORABLE!


Food : 3/ 5
Ambiance: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Overall recommendation:I would recommend that you try their desserts. Take a plateful of desserts and eat your heart out. Don’t worry about the calories when you are inside Candies 🙂 Visit during Christmas if you want to be blown over by the spirit. You can feel its Christmas even when you look at their place mats and takeaway bags! Ho ho Ho!
Directions to Candies, Pali Hill

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  1. mammaspeaks says:

    Seems like a nice place! Will try to visit it…

    1. visit during christmas …its worth it

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