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When you eat dessert as a mother, you sometimes wish that your baby also gets to eat some of it. But artificial flavoring, ice, color worry you and then you shelve the entire idea of making dessert for your baby. Why restrict the baby to BABY FOOD?

So here is a simple, kid friendly dessert for your baby – you might want to give this to your baby when she is over 9 months of age, when she is already a fair bit into eating solids.

This dessert doesn’t use sugar or honey but instead uses coconut milk and jaggery for sweetening. It contains rice and daal which are easily digestible for your baby.


One bowl of moong daal (soak for an hour)

One bowl of grated coconut

One bowl of rice (ground to fine powder)

JAGGERY to taste (100 gms roughly)

Ground dry fruits (cashew nuts, almonds and pistas)

One pinch of salt

Cardamom pods – 2 whole pods


Run the grated coconut in a blender and squeeze out the coconut milk. You will get thick coconut milk this way. Keep this aside.

Add a little water this coconut in the blender – run it once again. You will get thin coconut milk this way.


Take the thin coconut milk. Add moong daal to it and bring it to a boil. Allow it to cook fully because it daal will not cook after adding jaggery.


 To this boiling moong daal and coconut milk mixture add jaggery and allow it to dissolve.


Take the rice powder, add to a glass of water and make a thin paste. Add this to the boiling jaggery and moong daal mixture, while continuously stirring it.


Add crushed cardamom pods for flavor.


(Make sure you remove the pods before feeding the kheer to your baby)

Add crushed dry fruits to this mixture, after stirring in the cardamom


Add a pinch of salt and the thick coconut juice to this mixture. Boil this mixture only once.


Serve Warm


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