Malwani lunch with the boys

It was one of those afternoons when cooking wasn’t appealing to me (as usual). So after feeding my 1 year old with boiled rice and fish, we decided to go to Rassa in Charkop for lunch. Rassa is one of our favourite fish joints for several reasons. The service is quick, the choices are few yet delicious and you get a taste of home cooked food away from home. Also i am a sucker for Malwani food because it comes closest in taste to Mangalorean food, most food being based on spice and coconut.

Rassa isnt a place you take you might want to take a hyperactive toddler if you really intend to sit and enjoy your meal…but i took my son Aiden anyway, since i knew that i will have many hands to help from the restaurant. Yes, the staff at Rassa is really nice – one of them even offered to walk Aiden around while my husband and i ate our lunch.

We ordered a surmai (kingfish) thali which came with malwani bhakri (rice rotis) and a chicken thali (which i ordered with vade – very traditional Malwani food). Both the thalis came with solkadhi (made of kokum), jawala (made of dried shrimp), rice. We also ordered thisrya sukkha (clams prepared without gravy). The surmai thali came with TWO huge slices of surmai – no stinginess shown. Most thalis i have eaten come with a measly sized fried fish (even the one i had at Highway Gomantak at Bandra Highway). The chicken curry pieces could have been better but the curry was brilliant. No words to describe how delicious the jawala and solkadhi were. If i could take one thing home from the meal, it would be the jawala. Superb is an understatement for the little accompaniment that comes with every thali in the restaurant. No other fish joint i know serves this…and it immediately reminded me of home (sniff).

The damages for this amazing lunch? Rs 545 discounted to Rs 517 (don’t know why the discount is for…maybe for bringing along my adorable son for company….wholly entertaining for the other customers who were dining at Rassa).

My boys and I had about a 10-15 min wait since the space occupied by the restaurant is quite small compared to the awesome food it serves and therefore the crowd it pulls.

The boys

Rassa in Charkop is like an oasis in for fish lovers in a largely vegetarian Borivali-Kandivali belt. Most other restaurants in the areas around either specialize in Chinese or North Indian cuisine. Authentic Malwani lover? Then head to Rassa. Here are the directions!

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  1. Diptee says:

    I miss Surmai… I miss vade… I miss bhakri… I miss sol kadhi. Oh, you’ve just made me so miserable and yet so nostalgic. 🙂

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