Soul and Light

Good food, especially soul food always brings joy and light to everyone.  This year Diwali fell on All Souls Day – the day we celebrate the immortality of our souls on earth and remember the departed souls in our lives.

This year, i was aware of two special people celebrating their birthdays on All souls day – my friend Barkha – who is very special and important to me and my aunty Stella who is very near to me – if we were to measure the distance between our souls.

For many, any auspicious day is celebrated by eating something sweet and for me i have a thing for good looking and delicious pastry.

So on impulse i stepped into LSD(Love Sugar and Dough) in Oshiwara on November 1 and picked up 3 cakes in a jar for Barkha. I was fascinated by the idea of having to eat cake without messing yourself up.  And what flavours – Hazelnut and chocolate, Rambo and Red velvet with butter cream.  And since i simply couldn’t resist – i also picked up one more cake in a jar and a box of 12 mini cupcakes for my aunt Stella  and chocolava cake for me .

Soul and Light
Soul and Light

This actually isn’t my first dose of LSD. My cousin had got me some damaged but delicious LSD cupcakes with soft gooey centres for my birthday and ever since i have been wanting to visit their store in Bandra. What do you know? The store came to me! LSD’s store is now in Oshiwara and the pastries are good enough for me to take a detour to go to Andheri via Oshiwara rather than going via the normal link road connection.

What was amazing at LSD that their cakes in a jar were dressed in the festive colours. Good thinking since its Diwali now. This is quite a neat idea (and affordable if i may add)  as a perfect birthday gift.

Food for the soul on all souls day and dressed to the tee for Diwali! What more could one ask for!

Nirvana in a bottle
Nirvana in a bottle

How to get to LSD Oshiwara –

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