Red Red Sangria

I would have loved to click a pic of the glass of Sangria i drank but my phone didnt have any memory space
I would have loved to click a pic of the glass of Sangria i drank but my phone didnt have any memory space

Sangria was something i wanted to drink from the last two years. I could sip it because i was pregnant and breast-feeding. So when my son was well into his first year and i had company who could take care of him in case i got tipsy!

I had my first taste of Red Wine Sangria (with apples) at Lemon Grass Cafe in Bandra with my mum for company. It was perfect accompaniment for the meal we ordered – Nasi Goereng and a large bowl of stir fried chicken and vegetables.

Sangria is probably perfect for me since i never really enjoyed dry red wines. The triple sec, apple juice, cut apples and cheap sweet wine probably is a better option for me because i like my wines sweet. This is also probably why cheap port wine is more palatable for me than a Cabernet or a Shiraz.

For beginners like me who have taken to Sangria late – a sangria consists of basic cheap red wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener and a small amount of brandy or triple sec.

Red wine Sangria probably tastes best with cut apples. i say probably because i need to have more sangria to decide on that 😉

Chopped fruit can also include orange, lemon, lime, apple, peach, melon, berries, pineapple, grape, kiwifruit and mango. Honey, sugar syrup or orange juice are normal sweeteners. Instead of brandy you could choose other liquids like a sprite or a 7up.

So then for my next house party, Sangria is definitely one of the drinks i intend to serve. Here is a recipe that i intend to try (courtesy the Cozy Kitchen)

Instead of a Shiraz i intend to recycle to old goa port wine i have. Instead of the triple sec i have some Doctor’s brandy (who knows! the Sangria might have some medicinal benefits). The rest of the ingredients can remain the same especially the fruit and the spices.

Can’t wait!

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