Recipe: Butter Garlic Mushrooms

This is my favourite breakfast. When served with runny eggs, toast and sausages, it is simply superb. Makes me want to get up in the morning.

Button mushrooms (200 gms) – wash and dry them propery
A generous helping of butter (Amul butter works just fine since it is already salty and you dont need to add more salt)
Garlic (6-8 cloves from a pod) – finely chopped
Onion (1 medium sized) – finely sliced
Chilli flakes (as per taste)

1. Saute the onions in the butter till they turn transparent
2. Add the garlic to this and saute them for a while till they turn light brown
3. Throw in the mushrooms – each split into two
4. Allow them to cook for a while
5. Add chilli flakes to this
6. Allow it to cook till all the water from the mushrooms evaporates or very little water remains
Add a dash of coriander when serving.
Serve hot with eggs, sausages and toast.

Since i did not have a reference for a picture of the mushrooms here is a link with an alternative recipe

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