Moshe Shek’s delights

It was one of those days where you wanted to go shopping because you wanted to eat out. We found ourselves in Infinity Malad and bought something which was inconsequential, and quickly stepped into Moshe’s for lunch. I always liked Moshe’s at FabIndia in town and was happy it opened up at the mall. The food is light on the stomach, the cafe has friendly staff and a quiet ambiance.

What we ate

Bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill

We ordered in bits and parts. We ordered a bagel with smoked salmon with dill and cream cheese first and Instanbulish hummus bowl with chicken and pita bread. As an after thought we also ordered the classic pancake sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. My mum ordered Assam tea and i ordered lemongrass cooler to wash down the food. I enjoyed the smoked salmon in the bagel and the cream cheese was generously used making the dish perfect. The salad was a great accompaniment to the bagel.

Istanbulish Hummus Bowl

The Istanbulish hummus with chicken and pita bread was a good dish too. But i wasn’t too happy with the spices used in the chicken – they came out a bit too strong. Also i would have preferred the lavash to pita bread in the dish – then i could enjoy the hummus better. The hummus – was probably the creamiest hummus i ate in a long time.

A point to note however, was that while the table had additional condiments to go with a cuisine like this, it would have been a delight to have a bit of extra virgin olive oil to go with the hummus bowl.

Classic pancakes with maple syrup, honey and fruit curd

Pancakes might not have been the perfect ending to the meal but we just ordered it to try it 🙂 The pancakes had a slightly overpowering smell of eggs but they were soft and delicious to taste especially when accompanied by maple syrup, honey and fruit curd. The fruit curd was superb! I enjoyed it more than the pancake itself.

The ambiance

As with all other Moshe’s cafe’s the found this too very inviting. Eating food in a relaxed setting is important especially when you eat out with a toddler. My son felt quite at home as he monkeyed around the restaurant and though he was quite noisy the staff did not as much raise an eyebrow.  I like places like this and the ambiance automatically gets a thumbs up from me – when they don’t mind an over excited child.


If i had to pick a point to correct it would be with the service, the Istanbulish should have been served alongside the bagel and not after to balance out the taste and the pancakes should have been served with the drink. Another point i noted was we had to ask for water – it would be nice if they served water without being asked.


Food : 4/ 5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Overall recommendation: I would recommend that you try the bagel and salmon sandwich when you can. It was made to perfection. In fact i think i will go there once again just to have that. Food at Moshe’s is always good, but the little things in service matter to me and maybe go a long way for others reading this blog post.

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  1. mammaspeaks says:

    Janice, I love Moshe’s…and love hummus. My hubby has got some hummus from Israel but not sure how long will it last. Do you have a good recipe for hummus, I would like to try?

    1. Thank you. Don’t have a recipe for hummus but will look out for one!

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